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This Old Trunk has been featured in the cover articles of the Antique Journal magazine and Cotton and Quail antiques guide.


We specialize in expert restoration and sale of high quality Steamer Trunks, Antique Trunks, and Chests. We sell a wide variety of antique "steamer" trunks, many of which are very difficult styles to find. The term "steamer trunk" originally referred to a particular style of trunk, made low and wide, which would be stored under beds on the old steamships of the late 1880's to early 1900's period. But now many people call any of the antique trunks a steamer trunk. Our trunk selection on our Trunk Showroom page will usually include rare early Jenny Lind and Civil War period trunks, Humpback, Camelback and Round Top Trunks, as well as Stagecoach Trunks, Embossed Metal Trunks, Steamer Trunks, Wardrobe Trunks, and Flat Top Trunks. There are so many types that were made! With thirty years experience, and hundreds of satisfied customers, we always offer a variety of beautiful, functional, and affordable antique trunks you will be proud to display and use in your home, or to give as a cherished gift! Some are truly one of a kind and each one is in some way unique. Our expert repairing, refinishing, and trunk lining skills are certainly of the highest standards. Many folks have commented that ours are the nicest trunks they have seen anywhere. We take special care to maintain and preserve the historical authenticity of each trunk as much as possible during the restoration or refinishing process. 

Please browse through our current selection of trunks for sale in the Trunk Showcase. More details and pricing are given on each one when you click on the pictures. You may contact us if you have any questions on any trunk or our trunk restoration services. If you don't see the trunk type you are looking for, contact us as we have others waiting to be completed for you! We will be happy to provide pictures of unrestored and original condition antique trunks that may be purchased "as is" or that can be restored for you. 

Trunk Restoration Services: We offer complete trunk restoration, from metal and wood repair, to interior cloth or cedar lining, handle replacement, trays, etc. We will gladly provide a detailed estimate and work with you on any customization that you would like for your treasured heirloom. Our pricing is very competitive and our skills and experience are extensive. Please email to for more information about trunk restoration. Providing some good digital pictures will help greatly with the estimate. Also visit our Showcase page for examples of trunks which we have restored.  

For those interested in trunk history and identification of styles and the age of trunks, I have included a page with some basic information and several unique historical reference documents and catalog copies for sale. Also, please be sure to email us your comments or questions. We have been very happy to meet or correspond with fellow trunk collectors and enthusiasts from all over the country. 

Customer Comments:

"A prior customer and owner of eight antique trunks from This Old Trunk writes, "Hi Marvin, They are even better than their pictures, thanks so much!!!" C.P. Colorado.

Trunk Restoration Service: "You did an excellent job on this little beauty! I am extremely pleased!" S.A. Arkansas 

This Old Trunk
Marvin D. Miller
Hartford City, IN


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