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    Over a 20 year period, I have collected all the trunk related documents and historical information I could find. These items were rather difficult to find. Since many trunk collectors and restorers are interested in this historical information, I have decided to make copies available. These are photocopies of the old documents, not the originals (which have cost much more). I have found these to be very interesting and educational. Another item is a detailed research article I have written on the topic of Jenny Lind and Saratoga Trunk styles, containing 30 pages of information, illustrations, and document copies. These items are not available from any other source! Prices include postage within the U.S. Please order by Item Number and state Quantity desired.

Item Number:

Trunk Research Documents:


    1909 Seward Trunk & Bag Co. Virginia, 42 page Catalog.  Many trunk styles illustrated, including Saratoga, Hat, Steamer, Bureau, Flat, etc. Includes a 2 page description of how their trunks were made. Interesting!! 


    1878 Goldberg Bros., Philadelphia. 12 page trunk catalog, nicely illustrated pages of their fancy Saratoga and other round top and flat trunk styles, including the Bridal, French, Gentleman's Monitor, and others. Gives a nice description of each trunk, including sizes and prices of each! 


    Jenny Lind and Saratoga Trunks, Research paper by Marvin D. Miller, 30 pages of documentation from many sources on these popular trunk styles. Includes many illustrations from early catalogs, ads, newspapers, trunk labels, books, etc. A very informative document to set the record straight! 


  1908 Taylor Trunks for the Profession, Chicago, IL34 page catalog, nicely illustrated pages with detailed trunk descriptions sizes and prices. Many unusual styles made special for the circus, musicians, theater, salesmen, etc. Also includes nice desk, wardrobe, tool, lady's, gentlemen's, steamer, and several other very rare trunk styles! Includes their famous XX Professional model trunks!  


    1881 St.Louis Trunk Manufactory Catalog. This wonderful early catalog copy contains many beautiful trunks of various styles such as Barrel Tops, Saratogas, Ladies, Zinc Covered, The Bride trunk, Queen, Gents' Trunks, Sole Leather, and even Toy trunks!  Complete with sizes, prices and great illustrations of many trunks.  22 double pages. This is the most interesting catalog I have ever seen on trunks! 



    1919 Rochester Trunk & Bag Corp. 20 pgs.  This catalog with complete price list dated 1919 is filled with illustrations and descriptions of Wardrobe Trunks, Dress Trunks, Steamer Trunks, and early trunk type suitcases. From Rochester, NY.



    1914 Louis Vuitton, Paris,  This catalog copy from the famous French trunk and bag maker, established in 1854, shows many rare and exclusive trunk and luggage items such as the Ladie's, Hat, Parasol, Traveling Library, Gent's, Steamer, Wardrobe, Secretaire, Bureau, Automobile and other unusual trunks and bags.  Gives full descriptions, sizes, and illustrations, including inner trays. A very informative and interesting catalog of these fabulous trunks!  54 pages. 



   1913 J.F. Parkhurst and Son Trunk and Bag Company, Bangor, Maine. Established in 1866. This catalog has 30 pages of trunks (two trunks per page). Each trunk is pictured and has a description, prices, and sizes. The trunks shown include flat top, curved top, barrel top, low steamer trunks, and bureau trunks (trunks that have drawers inside, often used for theatrical groups). There are trunks covered with canvas, Spanish leather, metal, and fibre. Some trunks are trimmed in brass, some are iron bound or fibre bound. Some are with straps and some without. "The Trunk With the Guarantee. P&S Label and one year guarantee". Interesting catalog. Price: $17 includes shipping. 




   1889 Campfield and Wood Trunk Parts Catalogue, Very rare item! Copy of an original parts manufacturer catalog, 29 pgs, contains illustrations and descriptions of many styles of trunk locks, rollers, catches, handles, clamps, stamped metal, etc. They sold everything needed for trunk makers including tools, patented parts, trunk tacks, wood, and even the lining paper. Alexander Campfield was born in 1818 and died in 1898, made trunks for many years and patented embossed metal for trunks. A very interesting reference item for trunk historians and restorers. Price: $14.00




   1896 Montgomery Ward & Co. Chicago, Trunks & Traveling Bags Catalogue, Large 68 page catalog of trunks, traveling bags, and cases. 50 pages of their big selection of trunks including Wall Trunks, Bureau Trunks, Packing, Imitation Leather, Gents and Ladies Sole Leather, Fancy Metal Covered, Stateroom Steamer Trunks, Toy Trunks, Bonnet Trunks, Canvas Covered, etc., etc. Some rare style trunks are shown and many styles such as Monitor top, Cross Slat, large round top (often called Saratoga trunks), multiple tray trunks, leather bound, and others. This is a great catalog to see the many types of trunks that were being made in the 1890's, their sizes, retail prices and more information. A nice variety of toy trunks is shown, including Saratoga and flat top, barrel top, fancy metal covered, paper covered, etc. I've seen many small trunks such as these called salesman's sample trunks, but this proves that even very detailed trunks up to 20 inches wide were made as toys! Very rare to find this much information on trunks in one catalog. Also includes 18 pages of early telescoping cases, Gladstone bags, Alligator skin bags, toursist bags, and many others. A GREAT reference on antique trunks and bags! Excellent detailed pictures and descriptions with prices. Price: $25 includes postage within the U.S.




   1900 Goldsmith & Son Wholesale Trunk Manufacturer, Newark, New Jersey, USA. This catalog has 54 pages of trunks including pictures of the exterior and interior of each style. Each trunk is pictured and has a detailed description and sizes, including details about the hardware and locks, interior trays, hat holders, and compartments. The trunks shown include flat top, curved top, low style cabin and steamer trunks, cube size hat trunks, and bureau or dresser trunks (trunks that have drawers inside, sometimes used by theatrical groups). They even show a very rare style Bicycle Trunk! There are trunks covered with canvas, metal, and fibre. Some trunks are trimmed in brass, some are leather, iron, or fibre bound. Some are with heavy leather straps and some without. They have one trunk which looks nearly identical to a Taylor trunk, with the fancy heavy iron hardware. An interesting catalog which shows you many trunk styles that were popular in the late 1800's to early 1900's. Goldsmith was a very large company and sold most of their trunks through trunk and luggage retail store around the United States and Europe. You can learn a lot about trunk styles and construction from these old catalogs. Price: $21 includes postage in the U.S.




   1911 H.G. Lipscomb & Co. Trunk Manufacturer, Nashville, TN. This interesting catalog has 63 pages of trunks, traveling bags, and suitcases of many styles. There are 51 pages of trunks, including pictures of the exterior and interior of each style. There are 12 pages of travel bags and suitcases, including very nice cowhide and walrus leather items! Each trunk and bag is well described, along with the sizes and prices of each model and size. With detailed descriptions of the hardware and locks, interior trays, hat holders, and compartments. The trunks shown include flat top, curved top, rounded edge, barrel top (cross slat), low style cabin or steamer trunks, cube size hat trunks, ladies, and gents trunks of many types. There are trunks covered with paper, canvas, fancy embossed metal and crystallized metal, and fibre. Some trunks are trimmed in brass, some are leather, iron, or fibre bound. Some are with heavy leather straps and some without. They have several special trunks shown including their "Southern Queen" saratoga style trunk and the "Pride of the South" model. Many trunks have pictures (chromolithographs) and trim inside also. An interesting catalog which shows you many trunk styles that were popular in the late 1800's to early 1900's. Trunk catalogs from the southern U.S. are very rare to find. You can learn a great deal about trunk styles and construction from these old catalogs. Price: $21 includes postage in the U.S.




   Vanderman Never Break Patented Tool Chests, The Vanderman Mfg. Co, Willimantic, Conn. Patented 1897. NOTE: This is for a scanned copy of an original 19 page catalog from about 1908, which will be emailed in pdf format for your viewing or printing. You will also receive a pdf file of the original 1897 patent documents, which includes 5 pages of the detailed drawings and descriptions of the Vanderman tools chest. You will not receive a paper copy by mail. The pdf files are easily opened with Adobe Reader software, which nearly every computer has, or can be downloaded free. You can print the catalog and patent documents for your use as desired.

In 1897 William Vanderman patented a special heavy duty steel tool chest, with thick oak slats, a steel body, iron handles, and special corner braces for bolting them closed. This catalog shows the eleven styles and various sizes, along with pictures, detailed descriptions, measurements, weight, and even prices! Includes many sizes and styles of the tool chests, including a "Special Electricians' Chest", Pipe, Machine, and Die Chests, plumbers chests, some with special trays and drawers, and custom all steel chests. Some of these were made in up to 10 sizes! Some people say there is a history of some of these special chests being used by the Wells Fargo Co. on trains. If you want to see the various styles, sizes, tray designs and arrangements, then this is what you need.

Price: $16.00 by paypal or check. Thanks for visiting Please email if you have any questions,

Bonus research information:

William Vanderman, 1852 - 1914 (Obituary)
William Vanderman, who during his thirty five years connection with the plumbing business at Willimantic Conn had become one of the best known master plumbers in Connecticut died very suddenly at his home in that city on Friday September 11th, 1914. He was a native of Hartford, Conn and was 62 years of age. Death was caused by apoplexy. Mr Vanderman had not been feeling well for several days but nothing serious was anticipated and he spent the forenoon of the day of his death at his place of business on Mansfield Avenue. He returned home to lunch and not long after his daughter found him lying on the floor of the sitting room. Doctors pronounced him dead. The deceased was an expert machinist as well as a first class plumber. He learned the plumbing trade in Hartford and worked there for a time as a journeyman but thirty five years ago moved to Willimantic and opened a plumbing shop in a small basement. After a few years he was obliged to seek larger quarters and in 1892 the business was incorporated as the Vanderman Plumbing & Heating Company, Mr Vanderman being treasurer and general manager until his death. The concern engaged in plumbing, steam, and gas fitting, heating and ventilating, being quartered in a building of its own on Valley Street. In 1899 the concern absorbed a foundry business which was continued with the other. A few years later Mr Vanderman opened a branch plumbing shop in Hartford and took his three sons, all of whom were expert plumbers, into partnership. In 1908 he turned the business over to his sons and of recent years although retaining his position with the Vanderman Corporation had devoted much time to the manufacture of articles of his own invention among which were an iron box for mechanics, a pipe bending device, and a bench vise. Mr Vanderman was much interested in the affairs of his home city and in 1895 and 1896 served as a councilman. He was also active in the board of trade and the Business Men's Association and was prominently connected with church work. He is survived by a widow and nine children.


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